Vosges Chocolate Valentines Day

In defiance of all rules of etiquette I must speak and act freely, following my true desires. A limited edition Victorian heart box embraces our Sweet Coquette Collection. The design and workmanship of Chicago fashion designer Frog Greishaw takes inspiration from the Victorian times when Valentine's hearts were made with only the finest fabrics. Each handmade and signed box pays homage to the original Victorian hearts and are restored with luxurious fabrics – pink, satin pleating, French netting and a black, leather rose cinches this coeur d'amour. Included inside is a dossier of aphrodisiac truffles and folklore…an evening of fun with pearl dust and mamajuana surely awaits. Sweet Coquette Collection parfums include: Absinthe (2): Chinese star anise + fennel + pastis + 65% dark chocolate + cocoa powder Bronte (2): Sicilian pistachio paste + rose water + 45% deep milk chocolate Edith (2): Piper Heidsieck Rose Sauvage Champagne + crushed rosebud tea + 65% dark chocolate Kumamoto (2): pearl dust + Kumamoto oysters + white chocolate Mamajuana (2): craft spirit inspired by aphrodisiac Mamajuana + 65% dark chocolate + chamomile Oaxaca (2): Mexican guajillo & pasilla chillies + 65% dark chocolate + organic pumpkin seeds Red Fire (2): ancho chillies + Ceylon cinnamon + 65% Venezuelan dark chocolate Xocatyl (2): Mexican vanilla bean + 41% deep milk chocolate Consume within 10 days
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    Now this is the collection for the thrill seeker locked inside the purist's soul, the pragmatically adventurous if you will. For inside, pure and butter-soft-classic caramel, trustworthy and reliable, flirts with its inner wild child. A bit of quirky bee pollen here and a smidge of Aboriginal anise myrtle there, a squeeze of blood orange juice and a luxe coating of dark or milk chocolate...caramel tried and true, but guaranteed to impart a bit of unabashed indulgence. Recline and be inclined to splurge, spread the love. 36 piece caramel box includes: 27 Exotic Caramels 9 Wink of the Rabbit Caramels Exotic Caramel flavors: Rosey (3), Crema (3), Leaf (3), Sunshine (3), Maple (3), Verde (3), Blush (3), Tarte (3), Leather (3), Wink of the Rabbit dark (5), Wink of the Rabbit milk (4)