Vosges Chocolate Valentines Day

Now this is the collection for the thrill seeker locked inside the purist's soul, the pragmatically adventurous if you will. For inside, pure and butter-soft-classic caramel, trustworthy and reliable, flirts with its inner wild child. A bit of quirky bee pollen here and a smidge of Aboriginal anise myrtle there, a squeeze of blood orange juice and a luxe coating of dark or milk chocolate...caramel tried and true, but guaranteed to impart a bit of unabashed indulgence. Recline and be inclined to splurge, spread the love. 36 piece caramel box includes: 27 Exotic Caramels 9 Wink of the Rabbit Caramels Exotic Caramel flavors: Rosey (3), Crema (3), Leaf (3), Sunshine (3), Maple (3), Verde (3), Blush (3), Tarte (3), Leather (3), Wink of the Rabbit dark (5), Wink of the Rabbit milk (4)