This bracelet is sweetly sinister take on the darker side of fairytales. Elements of different stories mingle and become unfamiliar in this elegant and sophisticated piece of jewellery. Green and black glass beads evoke the neverending forest. The charms that glitter from within the gloom bring to mind half-remembered tales: a cottage, a ring, a rose, a wolf, an apple, a thimble and a looking-glass.
  • 125 months ago Misskerryturner »

    Alice’s adventures inspired this beautiful bracelet, which combines child-like wonder with grown-up elegance. And plenty of tea, of course. Vintage and new faux pearls and beads create the perfect mix of innocence and sophistication in classic Alice colours. Delicate, detailed charms of Alice and assorted Wonderland imagery cluster around the chain.

  • 128 months ago Misskerryturner »

    This lovely, chic bracelet was inspired by the mysteries of the briny deep. A string of chunky, creamy faux pearls fastens with an elegant box clasp. From the clasp hangs a selection of delicate watery delights: a mermaid, a sunken treasure chest and an anchor.

  • 131 months ago Misskerryturner »

    This gorgeous piece of jewellery is a darkly humorous tribute to the double-crossing dames of Film Noir. Vintage and new black and cream pearl beads evoke the monochrome films that inspired this bracelet, and the black glass heart at the clasp suggests the black hearted femme fatale at the heart of every mystery. The charms are the very essentials of pulp Noir: a telephone, a gun, a hand of cards, a perfume bottle, a pair of handcuffs and a Martini.

  • 131 months ago Misskerryturner »

    Bursting with spring colours and kitschy charms, this bracelet is a flamboyant celebration of the most romantic city in the world. The bracelet is loaded with vintage and new beads of various sizes, colours and textures. Faux pearls add glamour, and the glass heart at the clasp perfectly complements the breathlessly romantic, quintessentially Parisian theme of the charms: an Eiffel Tower, a poodle, a perfume bottle, a diamond ring, a bouquet of roses and a bottle of Champagne.