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Bow Stretch Belt $20.00 Wide stretch belt topped with an oversized metallic bow a the front. Imported. Wipe clean. *35"l, 3"w *Polyester, polyurethane
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    NyCap US$80.00 Every once in a while we find a product that really amazes us by its beauty and simplicity, and this is as simple and straightforward as the good old baseball cap. No, don't be confused by the name, it has nothing to do with the Yankees and we didn't misspell it either. Others thought that Ny Cap is dutch and means new cap – wrong again... it's an abbreviation of Nynke Van Vliets name to make sure it stands out. And it definitely does. Made out of wool felt, this caps pieces are all cut in such a way that the shape of the cap is determined by each single piece, which in turn means that there is no additional forming or heating required to create the desired shape. The pieces are then sewn together with contrasting thread making it a wonderfully fitting and easy to wear cap unlike any of the mass produced caps that you can find in the market today. In our opinion: really, really beautiful... Color: Black, Light Blue, Grey

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    Casino Necklacesandaccessories Original 1920’s mother of pearl casino chips from Argentina, Monte Carlo and France. Necklaces are available on a 18 inch gold chain. Necklaces