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The Chick Chair is made of baltic birch plywood, which is strong, lightweight, and stable. Low emission glues keep off gassing to a bare minimum as compared to MDF, particleboard, or other engineered materials. Water based interior wall paints are used for all colors options and finished in traditional shellac, which creates a natural, durable, water-proof finish that can be wiped clean easily. Shellac is a time-tested wood finishing material that is made from the cocoons of a small beetle dissolved in alcohol. This makes it safe enough for Junior to put in his mouth and chew on if he likes. You should also know that all of the chair’s edges have been rounded for safety.
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    Monster Finger Puppets, Set of Six Remember how you thought there was a monster under your bed? You were wrong - there are six! And we have finger puppets depicting all of them. Know who you're up against. Be able to identify your sub-boxspring neighbors. Practice telling them jokes...'cause they can't eat you when they're laughing. A word to the adults: These half dozen finger friends are hand-screened onto light grey felt with solid black backs. Each monster is individually stitched and uniquely prettied-up by Voz Perkins of Fishcakes fame. The fires of Voz's creative imagination are flamed by all variety of cakes, little known animals she knows exist, emotional monsters she thinks exist and the members of her immediate family: two funny humans, one elderly dog, two guinea pigs, and six chickens whose combined intelligence wouldn't power a small nightlight. What's not to love?

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    American Apparel tees with interchangeable snap-on felt animals.

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    Shy Monsters Activity Book We hold strong to our belief that monsters and children are quite simpatico. Consider the following: ”Ooh stripey socks, they’re so much fun! Matilda collects them, but she only wears one.” Would you assume Matilda was a child or a monster? Quite hard to decide, isn’t it? When it comes right down to it though, they’re all little beasties and we love them!