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Clever Tomato offers stylish, durable, multifunctional and comfortable modern kids chairs that demonstrate great design through form and function. We feature the most talented and innovative designers in modern kids funiture today; P'kolino, Offi, Ecotots, Inmodern, notNeutral, ducduc, Argington... Refer to the bottom of each product page for links recommending a kids table you can pair with our selection of kids chairs or you can simply shop by brand. Many of our kids chairs are available in multiple color options.
  • 89 months ago Minijake »

    Mod Rocker $292. U.S. Design Patented. Awarded Honorable Mention, 2006 I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review. This rocking chair will appeal to a child's interest in movement as well as scale, organic form, material variation and color. The form and material invite kids to play, read or simply relax. As research indicates that children often fidget in stationary chairs, the rocker's design provides a personal space rather than just a mere chair. The chair gives an easy rock to mellow children, provides comfort while reading or playing and the space below is a secret nook to store stuffed animals. The form is wide and low to the ground, inspired by West African stools that cup the body and that are considered to be highly personal objects. The sculptural form of the Mod Rocker™ is an aesthetic addition to any room in the home... and of course, kids will love being included in the family space.

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    Magnetic Play Set from Great Kid Gifts is a sure hit to your childs fun and learning time.

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    Teach your kids the importance of eating healthy with these beautiful Melissa and Doug Toys from Great Kid Gifts.

  • 92 months ago Greatkidgifts »

    Bring along your child's fave travel toys only from Great Kid Gifts.

  • 92 months ago Greatkidgifts »

    Teach your kids the joys of learning while having fun with this magnificent Melissa and Doug Toys only from Great Kid Gifts

  • 92 months ago Hive »

    CH 39 dates back to 1962 and is a smart and quite comfortable chair. The armchair companion to CH 38. A classic piece of Danish Modern for the dining room designed by the masterful Hans wegner.

  • 98 months ago Clevertomato »

    The Skool chair was inspired by a familiar fun, playful, & friendly aesthetic that references stacking wooden school chairs. This relevant homage combined with Karim's contemporary & sensual minimalistic sensibility gives the chair a cool, progressive character that lets it stand alone, or sit comfortably at a table for four. A MyHouse Magazine recommendation for home office furnishings. SPECIFICATIONS multi-planar molded ply with either a Birch or Walnut veneer, and Chrome plated frame dimensions: 18d x 17w x 33h; seat at 17 - 18" notes: Wood finishes may vary from color and grain shown in image sample. DESIGNER Karim Rashid, Karim Rashid Design

  • 98 months ago Clevertomato »

    An Extra Chair for Extra Fun! Need additional space at the table? Accessorize your Little One's Table and Chairs set with another chair or two! Clean, modern lines, bold color accents and playful “popsicle-stick” feet make this chair a perfect addition to any growing home. Designed for children age 2 to 6.

  • $ 949.00 Pick-Up is a hybrid of a chair, a walking-aid and a transportation device. When introduced to your home it may be used as a chair, and as a means to facilitate first steps, but it won't be long before its moving at a faster clip,; transporting books, toys, and friends.

  • $ 179.00 This durable children's chair by Eero Aarnio can be used as a traditional chair or a rocker, indoors and out. Flip it over and the seat is at a different height. Use it as a rocker and your little one has a handle to hold on to.

  • $ 99.99 Just right for 1st birthday kids. Make it the center of gift opening. Plush polyester fabric; polyurethane foam interior. 23"H. Spot clean. Ages 12M+.

  • 102 months ago Movisi »

    This modular sofa programme has some very special qualities. The first thing that stands out is its organic and light-hearted appearance. In order not to limit your creativity this couch can be "Q-ued" in all lengths, shapes and colours in any way you want. Today you need a set of 1-seaters, tomorrow a long couch to fit all your friends in a row? No problem, you can arrange and re-arrange the Q-Couch as you just need it. Design it now! BE INSPIRED ! See the Q-COUCH in Action ! You can use ARPRO® outdoors but it is not recommended for continuous exposure to UV light, due to the nature of the polymer it is made from. After continuous exposure of months to direct sunlight outside there may be a change in the apparent colour of the furniture. Q-Couch is 100% waterproof, made with ARPRO® & is so light and easy to move we suggest that it is removed from direct sunlight (outdoors) when not in use.

  • 103 months ago Groovykidgear »

    $ 239.98 The new Modern Swivel Chair from StyleKraft by KidKraft allows trendy tweens, teens and adults to sit in style. This chair is hip, fun and would make the perfect gift for any occasion. Age Range 8+ Dimensions 24.25″ x 27″ x 31″H

  • Little Lizards Computer Desk and Chair Set $640 Our Little Lizards Computer Desk & Chair Set is made of solid birch wood. Larger than most, this desk can fit children age 5 up to 14 years. Desk has a pull down keyboard drawer and a removable desktop hutch for storing study supplies. Includes 3 Frog Knobs and a Wiggly Snake finial for hutch. The solid birch wood desk chair is finished with natural and bright colored stains, and chair back has a frog shaped cut-out. Desk measures 48"W x 24"D x 26"H. Chair measures 16"W x 16"D x 32.5"H.

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    This rocking chair will appeal to a child's interest in movement as well as scale, organic form, material variation and color. The form and material invite kids to play, read or simply relax. As research indicates that children often fidget in stationary chairs, the rocker's design provides a personal space rather than just a mere chair. The chair gives an easy rock to mellow children, provides comfort while reading or playing and the space below is a secret nook to store stuffed animals. Inspired by African stools that cup the body, the Mod Rocker's form is wide and low to the ground. Its sculptural shape is an aesthetic addition to any room in the home.

  • The Tripp Trapp is a sturdy children's chair that grows with your child. It lifts them up so they can be included in activities around the table. Children love interacting with the family. In today's hectic lifestyle, it is more important than ever to encourage these special moments of togetherness.

  • All Purpose Green Teen Chair It's the classic place to crash, for a friend spending the night, for a spot to sprawl with homework or just daydreaming about whatever comes next. This sleek chair can be placed in sets of two or three for a fun, flexible sectional layout sleeper folds out to measure: 64" x 24" (almost twin bed length).

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    106 months ago Tortoiselife »

    The designer, Takeshi Nii's passion for chairs began when he saw a director's chair in a magazine before WWII. While repeating tests for functional chairs, Nii saw a beautiful chair with fabric seat from Denmark. Getting inspiration from these chairs, Nii produced this folding chair (designed in 1958) which won numerous awards and later became a permanent collection of MOMA in 1970. He named this "NY chair" after his family name Nii, and also after Danish meaning new or fresh. Nii's policy is to produce functional and reasonable chairs that can be used for daily use.

  • $ 99.97 Children will love these well designed, comfortable chairs! This three piece set is ideal for dramatic play or for a reading and resting area. Light, yet sturdy construction. Assembly required. Seat height 10. CHAIR - 16 x 19 x 25.5 TABLE - 12" - TOTAL 25lbs Material: Birch Ply, Cloth, steel.

  • 107 months ago Minijake »

    Olga Rocker designed by Wolfgang Sirch finish total: $250.00 Availability: Within 24 hours. (estimated ship date, not including transit time) Free shipping in the continental U.S. on orders over $100* Click for details Adults coming into our store often make a beeline for this piece and the children love its serious rocking action. A modern rocker that?s also a lot of fun. Material: molded birch plywood, red fabric.

  • 109 months ago Tinydodo »

    Re-babe, the cradle from Berlin based designers collective e-27, which can be bought by itself through TinyDodo as well, is here combined with rocking chair re-tire to form the re-set. The sleek re-babe is attached to re-tire with leather straps and enables rocking together with your baby this way. Quite unique and a great design as well. The re-babe is still useable after your little one gets too big for it: with the supplied sadle it changes into a stylish rocking horse and the cradle itself becomes a handy basket. Made of stainless steel, basket and leather connections. Dimensions are 90 cm x 120 cm x 80 cm (L x H x W). Interior cradle is 90 cm x 40 cm. Available in light and dark. Seperate pocket for re-tire available.

  • 109 months ago Minijake »

    Kapsule Storage Chair $49.00 The Kapsule Chair is sturdy, yet child friendly with Karim Rashid's trademark soft contours. Naturally multifunctional due to its storage and seating capabilities, yet it is compact enough to be perfect for small spaces. The Kapsule Chair was named "one of the best product designs of the year" in 2002 as a recipient of the Silver level Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) Injection molded polypropylene - two pieces

  • 109 months ago Moderntots »

    Puppy, by Eero Aarino. Enough said. Just let us know what color and size. These Puppies are suitable for outdoor use. For ages 7 and up.

  • 110 months ago Design Within Reach »

    Designer: Pietro Solignon Buy 4 or more and save $5 on each chair. Limited Time: Free Standard Shipping Exclusive to DWRjax. Contract grade, stacks 8 high safely and compactly. Suggested age: 3-6 yrs.

  • 110 months ago Booninc »

    $99 Does your child have too many stuffed animals? The Boon Animal Bag is a fun and practical solution for rounding up all those soft critters and putting them to work. The Animal Bag is an oversized, plush bag that's covered with large, zippered windows made out of transparent, durable mesh. Children can fill the bag with stuffed animals of all sizes, and then use the Animal Bag as a soft seat. Made from high quality, breathable fabrics, the Animal Bag is machine washable, or it can be dry-cleaned. In addition to solving the stuffed animal storage dilemma, the Animal Bag is earth-friendly because - unlike most beanbag chairs - it does not require any foam fillers. Trio Color: orange Three large compartments Dimensions: 49" x 42" x 16" 100% polyester Recommended ages: 2+ years Patent pending

  • 111 months ago Parklifestore »

    Mini Eames Fiberglass Arm Chair (not produced by Herman Miller) for kids. 2/3 the size of the Original. Made of Molded Fiberglass. Steel and wood base. 21" tall x 16.5" wide x 17" deep Available in Red, Blue-gray, and Ivory. This is a very high quality reproduction of Eames' Classic design.