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From the Latin to murmur or whisper, Susurrus lives up to its name by producing a steady stream of indescribably delicate chiming tones when activated by gentle motion or a light breeze. Each of the 500 or so paper-thin bone china bells is unique: subtly altered by organic firing variations so that every one has a distinctive shape and tone.
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    Based on cast origami stars, Hoshi comes in a set of three bone china box lights (small, medium and large) internally lit with miniature halogen light fittings. Sizes from 120x120x40mm to 80x80x25mm

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    Erizo (Spanish for hedgehog!) is an irresistible white glazed bone china luminaire with a very different character when lit. Essentially the same shape and size as our Cultiv plant holder, when unlit Erizo appears to be entirely opaque but transforms when the 25W internal tungsten light fitting is activated.