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Suspension Globe trotter Suspension. Design : Créa Créa
  • 88 months ago cgi.ebay.com.au »

    Brand new, exquisite, gorgeous tiffany style lamp is a unique, handcrafted work of Art Nouveau variation in the glass. Using genuine hand-rolled art stained glass, the lampshades are being handmade in the original process originally developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany over 100 years ago. The many single pieces of the shade are being cut out with stencil and then polished. All handcrafted from these many little pieces; the shade is put together by the edges with a thin foil of copper and then soldered together by hand. In this way, a very detailed glass-mosaic is being created and so the shade gets its individual shape. Depending on the size and number of glass pieces, up to 100 hours of work come together when manufacturing one single lamp! With this handcrafted process, no two pieces are exactly alike, making each design a treasured keepsake.

  • 91 months ago trenddesign24.com »

    The Fil De Fer floor lamp by Catellani & Smith is designed and hand made in Italy. Fil De Fer is a remarkable floor / table lamp, because the ball formed out of aluminum wire , shines from the inside. It changes its light strength when you touch the ligh and is thereby a light object with high attraction. Its bizarre appearance reminded the designer Enzo Cattelani "of the light, rolling bushes, blown by the wind in the Mexican desert". The dimmer is attached on cord. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Details: Manufacturer: Catellani & Smith

  • 91 months ago Unicalighting »

    the la la lamp designed by helen kontouris for kundalini, 2004. the la la floor lamp is made of two cone shaped opaline coated fabric shades. it features noiseless IGBT technology and a dimmer switch. available in two sizes and colors. small: 52.7"h x 22.8"w, 1 x 100w large: 70.8"h x 34.6"w, 1 x 150W

  • 91 months ago Unicalighting »

    the boalum floor/wall lamp from artemide was designed by l. castiglioni and g. frattini in 1970. an artemide "modern classic" designed for diffused incandescent lighting, this tubular lamp features a body of an opal white reinforced flexible plastic material and end caps in molded white thermoplastic, suitable for use with a junction and connection of two flexible bodies together to obtain a longer tubular composition. dimensions: 79"l x 2"dia awards: honourable mention bio, ljubljana (slovenia), 1975 museums: musee des arts decoratifs de montreal, montreal (canada) museo del design italiano, milan triennale (italy) Bulb Type: 25 x 5W/6V (special) connected in series and spaced by insulating plastic spheres.

  • 93 months ago cebas.ikea.com.au »

    Gives a soft mood light. Mouth blown glass; each lamp is unique.

  • 97 months ago Bearcreekglass »

    Immerse yourself in art with these one-of-a-kind chandeliers from Bear Creek Glass. These luminous wonders are constructed from handblown glass and come in a variety of vivacious colors. Available in two dazzling sizes.

  • 97 months ago Graham and Green »

    How funny is this? The ultimate candle! Nostalgi two piece wax candles, presented in lovely gift boxes; top candles can be replaced. Also included is a metal ring to separate wax candle from wax base. In Ivory, Black & Pink.

  • 101 months ago eriko-horiki.com »

    SHIMUS Material Collection SHIMUS Washi paper in the basic size of 2700mm×2100mm can be processed into lighting walls, lighting pillars, tapestries and lamps to enjoy " the collaboration of Washi and Light" in many different ways. In most cases, SHIMUS Washi is made to order to meet every individual need depending on the client's request, the space and the budget.

  • 101 months ago tazana.com »

    Tazana Company limited is a Thai company which is originated from a designer Mr. Suppapong Sonsang, and a manufacturing company,Microtek Products Co.,Ltd. Emphasize on designed lighting which is differentiated and practical

  • 103 months ago en.dawanda.com »

    "The swiveling panoramic lamp »rundum PANORAMA« with its changeable lampshade transparencies brings new perspectives to private living- and public rooms. The variable photographic images underline the individual taste of the panoramic lamp's owner in a decorative way. The rundum PANORAMA lamp develops and changes with the taste of its owner."

  • 103 months ago Yayachou »

    Imagine walking into a friend’s dining room to find this four foot tall Gummi Bear chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The artist has made other unique and fun sculpture using gummi bears.

  • 105 months ago 180-design »

    We love this Washer Pendant Light from Tammy Roy's OneEighty. The industrial look of is made from washers and is a great way to brighten your home and be eco-friendly.

  • 106 months ago Eco-lights »

    A splendid French Knot Georgette shade takes center stage in the Japanese lantern-style Tokushima Lamp. Tiny knots create a delicate speckled pattern within the shade that is visible when the light is turned on. The steel base is finished in Matte Black and accentuates the creamy tone of the long opaque shade, which softens light for a tranquil setting. Place on an end table or nightstand for a gentle, exotic touch.

  • 106 months ago Bouf »

    hand laid fibreglass base with recessed, ultra bright white LEDs focused onto a suspended Swarovski crystal chandelier.

  • 109 months ago Lekker Home »

    As seen in Dwell Magazine and Town & Country, these lamps come in a set of three. The Silk shade is imprinted with a Birch wood pattern and each is a different size to create a light forest. Designed by Nicolette Brunklaus.

  • 109 months ago Illu-stration »

    Mary-Ann Williams, Illu Stration

  • 110 months ago Cubeme »

    Pupa is the world’s first lamp that you have to caress to turn on and off. Yes, caress! There are no other switches besides the lamp’s fur itself. You can turn on and off by caressing its fur. Beware if you are too light or don’t caress long enough, Pupa won’t even feel it! Pupa is in special fiberglass and fluorescent bulb 2 x 15 Watt (about 2000 lumen), Pupa is handmade in Italy by loving hands.

  • 110 months ago Rejuvenation »

    But if flying bats and coiling serpents tweak our modern sensibilities, consider that these fixtures are replicas of a late 1800s original. As eccentric and interesting as the Drake is today, imagine what the folks who first bought it - over 100 years ago - were like. That's pretty good company, we think.........................geez, it would be really worth saving up for this one.

  • 110 months ago Contemporaryheaven »

    An amazing must see large mesh ball pendant light from massive featuring 15 individual small lights intertwined into the light giving a unique look and light. This light in the right modern or tastefully classic room makes such an amazing feature and the picture can never do justice to such a beautiful light. Bulb 15 x G4 Max 10w included with light. Designed and made by Massive Lighting

  • 112 months ago Eco-lights »

    The "Paper" table lamp is one of the new Rock, Paper, Scissors series available in two table, two pendant and three ADA compliant wall sconces with a white exteriors and vibrant red, blue, orange or yellow interiors. This version uses a colored plastic light diffuser inside the metal frame. The shade itself is made of a white line styrene. The Paper Orbit Table Lamp will surely add that dynamic touch to your home.

  • 112 months ago Eco-lights »

    Get into the groove with the Copasetic Large Table Lamp. A chic curtain of small glass beads composes the shade, providing accent and ambient lighting with hip flair. Complete with satin aluminum funneled base, this is a happening way to bring contemporary lighting into your home.

  • 112 months ago Eco-lights »

    The Paper Orbit Wall Sconce, like all the wall sconces, lamps, and ceiling pendants in the Rock, Paper, and Scissor series, has a very modern feel to its design making it the one of the best ways to go when youre looking to add a subtle contemporary touch to your home. The "Paper" Wall Sconce is one of the new Rock, Paper, Scissors series available in two table, two pendant and three ADA compliant wall sconces with a white exteriors and vibrant red, blue, orange or yellow interiors.