Hanukkah Dreidel

Twitter Twitter Facebook Facebook MySpace MySpace DelIcioUs Del.icio.us Porcelain dreidel shows off a modern aesthetic with bold, colorful dots on all sides. * Porcelain. * By Jonathan Adler; imported.
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    A unique Four Leaf Turquoise Hanukkah Dreidel in pewter. The Dreidel is in colors of turquoise, blue and pink, embedded with Swarovski crystals and brass and copper accents. The traditional Dreidel letters are facing each corner of the four leafs. The Dreidel is approximately 3.0" (7.5 CM) in diameter. Signed by the Judaica artist Ester Shahaf.

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    Pewter Hanukkah Dreidel with stand. A variation on the traditional game, this piece is hand crafted, including Swarovski crystals in copper settings all around. The Dreidel is 2" (6 CM) in diameter. Signed by the artist Ester Shahaf.