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ROSE TRIVET by Anouk Jansen - Remember those hand made embroidered tablecloths of your grandma? We took the well known rose and transformed it into a modern and high tech trivet. Very funky and familiar is this silicone Rose Trivet. Moreover, it is dishwasher proof and heat resistant up to 220 degrees! Approximately 8 1/2" x 6 1/2"
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    These plates and trays are made from high quality, dishwasher safe melamine. They are patterned with exclusive thomaspaul designs and colors, refrencing traditional motifs often used in fine china, but reinterpreted in a fun and modern way. Set of four dinner plates, 11" in diameter.

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    THE TASTE OF TALKING' SALT & PEPPER SET BY HENK STALLINGA The receiver and mouthpiece of a telephone are mounted on the indicators of a Morris Mini. They form the salt and pepper set 'The Taste of Talking' and is part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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    PERCH! SHAKE-A-LEG SALT + PEPPER SHAKERS Amy Adam�s work is based on simplicity of form and materials, her line of products for Perch! combine the utility of industrial design with the beauty of handmade art. Perch! Shake-a-leg Salt + Pepper Shakers are handmade white ceramic with cork stoppers in a gift box. 3"

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    WARM TEA AND COFFEE GIFT BOX BY TONFISK The Warm range is a tea set that combines ceramic teacups and teapots with bracelets of laminated bent wood. The wood acts as handles and insulates the hot beverage. The Warm Gift Box contains small tea pot, small tray and 2 cups. Tea/Coffee Pot 60cl- oak or walnut- cork lid- including stainless steel tea filter. Tonfisk originates from Finland with the idea of creating new innovative tableware without sacrificing values like clarity, functionality and personality.