Fathers Day Unique

Three-dimensional wit for the desktop and a delightful way to hold down papers. Tibor Kalman's typically clever style is evident in this rigid silk-screened vinyl paperweight, hand-crumpled and wrapped around a steel weight. Any musician (or aspiring musician) will appreciate the look of this paperweight.
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    "The swiveling panoramic lamp »rundum PANORAMA« with its changeable lampshade transparencies brings new perspectives to private living- and public rooms. The variable photographic images underline the individual taste of the panoramic lamp's owner in a decorative way. The rundum PANORAMA lamp develops and changes with the taste of its owner."

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    The perfectly discreet way to enjoy hot or cold drinks right from your golf bag. It looks like a regulation driver, but its secret is the one-button dispensing pump. Designed to sit unobtrusively in a side pocket so it doesn’t take up space inside. Fill with hot or cold beverages, and they’ll stay at the right temperature for hours. Holds 54 oz. Detach for easy cleaning. Includes four AA batteries.