Women Clothing

As per my previous Ebay virtual/metaphorical bookmarker, these were--tho nobody knew it at their inception--born to accompany one's old--tho then current--twenty buck Westwoods. In fact, were these not a continent-plus away, it would be very difficult for me to discern whether or not these were the exact jodphurs into which i continually starved myself, all those years ago. [Altho i think theydve been a size too small for me, even then]. For fetishwear [as opposed to horse, hounds & riflewear] & fetishistic fashion aeon accuracy, cant beat em w/ cat or crop.
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    It's Voyage, it's red, it's velvet, the seller says it was sold in Vivienne Westwood's old shop--altho that seems transposed to me. It seems more likely that V Westwood's old stuff was sold in the Voyage shop [where once was turned away Naomi Campbell. For good reason or bad reason, i remember not]. It's got that Leigh Bowery thing going on--which i, & too many other more à l'imitation rather than en hommage designers, thoroughly adore. Why dont i adore this then? Is it cos it looks like overburdened yarn dreadlocks hastily, lazily & pointlessly attached to a either a high school graduation robe basking in its velvet overimportance or a vintage 50s opera coat someone stuffed in a trunk & then forgot about. & in either case: big wrinkles. Artlessly. But i could be wrong. You tell me. [ps, @least it's OBO.]

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    Two days, seven hours left on Ebay [bien sûr], one of the finest I've seen--& I've been collecting em for years, since the first time they came around again [at least in the modern/postmodern world]. Were I not about to sell a similar pair, I'd want them--but here there are more shoes than one living space in an otherwise abandoned industrial wasteland can contain.