The frame,or the Oberon, is a new elegant sculpture designed specifically to hold your cradle. Inspired by the flighpath of Oberon, King of the Fairies, as he takes off, the frame is made in the UK of high quality steel. Calico baby hammock 100% new wool futon mattress Mattress cover Native New Zealand wooden beam Spring and chain with attachments Ceiling hooks for wooden beams Door clamp
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    Single-pivot mounting ensures free movement Suspend it from ceiling hook or tripod stand (see accessories) The Cradle Cover completes the feeling of safety Stimulates the child's sense of balance Easy adjustment of cradle height in relation to floor Asthma and allergy-friendly - Cot and mattress can be washed at 60 degrees C Prewashed ecotex cotton cover Anti-allergic mattress

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    Natures Nest is designed to create a womb like effect, where your baby can still enjoy the comforts of what nature provided, a snug tactile environment, with a gentle vertical and bouncing motion. These motions replicate the movement within the womb (as mother moves walks or drives in the car), also producing feelings of suspension and floatation. Your baby will lie with his upper body slightly raised, a position he is in once cradled in your arms. This is the perfect environment for babies and can pacify the most distressed infant. As your baby moves the bed will move with him often lulling him back to sleep, babies sleeping in the Natures Nest will be content and happy whilst awake, having had a restful sleep, and reducing your sleep deprivation enables you to enjoy your new baby.