Alpha-man Fathers Day

Help ban those plastic rings which are the connective tissue between six-packs! Now you can save some sea creatures by carrying cans in our reusable neoprene six pack tote and BYOB guilt-free. Our six pack tote is machine washable and keeps beverages hot or cold up to four hours. It lays perfectly flat when not in use. Ideal for storing recycled beer bottles in style. Actually, ideal for storing anything! * INSULATES SIX (12-20 0Z.) CANS OR BOTTLES FOR UP TO 4 HOURS (TIME WILL VARY DEPENDING ON EXTERNAL TEMPERATURE) * SOFT-GRIP HANDLE MAKES TRANSPORTING EASY & COMFORTABLE * STRETCHES TO HOLD AND PROTECT A VARIETY OF ITEMS * PERFECT FOR PARTIES, GIFTS, CAMPING, TAILGATING, BEACH, ETC. * MACHINE-WASHABLE. DRIP DRY. STAIN RESISTANT * LAYS FLAT WHEN NOT IN USE * MADE FROM NEOPRENE, THE WETSUIT MATERIAL