Halston Cluny Boots

Halston Cluny Boots

Halston Cluny Boots (28/04/2009) £830 Cause a sensation with these covetable, multi-buckle open toe ankle boots from Halston. Contrast with floaty silk pieces.

artiststundra discovered 100 months ago


  • poltergasm

    poltergasm says

    nice boots, particularly the color & the square button-buckles of the back end..... it is so weird when a 'brand' continues after the designer who WAS, in this case, the 'brand' has been long discontinued..... good job in this case, however. an almost as if. almost.

    99 months ago

  • ktmd01

    ktmd01 says

    In my opinion, it's so weird

    27 months ago